November 9 - 10, 2016
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Toronto

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Next Generation

(Open to ALL member and non-member carriers, sponsors and supplier members.)

The trucking industry is changing rapidly and is facing a unique set of challenges  just as  a new  generation of trucking industry executives and managers prepare to receive the baton  and run the next leg of the race at their companies. OTA has created an exclusive  forum and agenda for the future leaders of the industry and the association. Alongside both mentors and peers, participants in the Next Generation program can openly and casually discuss the issues that really matter to them. The trucking industry is in need of fresh perspectives and there’s no better place for up-and-coming transportation professionals to share with like-minded peers their experiences as well as their thoughts and ideas about the future direction of the industry.

For more information on the OTA Next Generation program and events contact Lak Shoan by phone at (416) 249-7401 ext. 235 or email at

“It was great for me to finally meet some of the younger faces of the industry as the majority of the people that I work with on a day to day basis are more well established in their careers.
-Ryan Tilley, The Tandet Group

“This program really benefits those who want to be more involved in the “Big” picture within their companies.”
Cody Hall, J&R Transport

“There are many avenues and programs on leadership out there. What makes this program unique is that it’s specific to the trucking industry. It can be very hard and intimidating for younger individuals coming into the industry. But the OTA has provided a platform in which current and future leaders can network, collaborate and create new friendships.”
-Brendan Lofgren, National Truck League

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